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"My only intent is to inspire, the same way so many others inspired me"

ricardo amaya

Trained as an Architect, Ricardo has learned to appreciate life with a designers filter. This filter allowed him to view the ordinary and turned it into extraordinary, he's optimistic views would claim that "No matter how big or small, everything could be resolved by responsive design." For him, it was only natural to venture into different discipline while pursuing  his career. Suddenly, It was no brainier when he develop the same devotion for Photography and Art.


On his Architectural Design, he allows circulation to dictate major gestures of his design. He believes that architecture only performs effectively when it reacts to external elements and specifics along with program requirements. These include: Location, weather, existing circulation, materials being promoted, foot print, and restrictions. He performs by always looking for new ways to manifest his design and create a new norm.

On his Photography, he enjoys capturing sharp angles that are often missed by the daily routine. He aims to recreate a moment in time and invoke emotions by applying different techniques such as visual isolation, blending, contrast and most importantly light. 

At the end he has learned to mix Architecture + Photography. He applies the detail oriented skills obtained as a designer to his photography. In the other hand, he applies the ability to play with angles, perspectives and framing spaces learned from his photography to improve his building. He hopes to promote any sort of reaction/emotion, positive or negative by any of his creative design. Only then he will know that his job has a meaning. 

Architectural Designer | Photographer

Assoc. AIA